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  • Is Game A Life Style?
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    Is Game A Life Style?

    Welcome To Gamer Be. Today we discuss about the Gaming and is game a life style or deal in all life as a profession. Short Information Whether or not gaming is considered a lifestyle is a matter of personal perspective and interpretation. For some people, gaming can indeed be a significant part of their lifestyle. Here are a few points to consider: Hobbies And Interests Just like any other hobby or interest, gaming can be a central part of someone’s life and gaming will deal the person like a life style. If you live in a lobby of game like PUBG GTA 5, FIFA and the others etc you will…

  • how to play Tetris (EA) and its features and benefits
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    How to Play Tetris (EA) and It’s Features and Benefits

    Welcome to Gamer Be. We provide the information about the Tetris (EA) and features working benefits. for more information check more clicks. Details About Tetris (EA) Tetris( EA) is being featured in the’ Apps for your commute’ point in the App Store moment! Find out further about how you can download now this instigative new Tetris experience that challenges players to clear lines and collect as numerous points as possible before time runs out. Race against the timepiece in a two- nanosecond blitz to clear lines and collect as numerous points as possible before time runs out! With all-new features, stunning illustrations and innovative controls, this twist on the world- notorious mystification game is a must- have on mobile. Crush High Score Boost your game and spark point- raising responses with power- ups similar as Magnet, Laser and Time Shift. With a new Power- up released every week, the strategic combinations are endless! Feel the Frenzy Experience explosive Goods and earn double points when you spark the fugitive delirium mode. Clear lines back to back to stay in Frenzy and be blown down by stunning falls rolling in the points. Play with your friends Celebrate your high score and vapor as you fly past your musketeers on the Facebook Leaderboards. events reset every week, so there is always a new chance at palm. Blitz Your Ways Take charge of your game with all-new controls, like the innovative” Drag- and- Place” option that lets you valve and drag pieces with perfection. You can also conclude for the lightning-fast” One- Touch” controls or” Swipe”…

  • Life is A Game, How Play in Different Ways
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    Life is A Game, How Play in Different Ways

    Welcome to Gamer Be. In that article we show if game is a game for life. but life is a game and we played daily. Short Explain When I say life is a game, I’m not talking about the board game Life (although it’s a fun game). I mean your real life. Like a board game, there are rules, goals, and different ways to “win” in life. The game table is your environment and the game part is you. Just like in a game, winning in life is not about rolling a dice or drawing a card. It is a cumulative process, with ups and downs. The better you learn…

  • 10 Best Action Adventure Games of All Time
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    10 Best Action Adventure Games of All Time

    Welcome to Gamer Be. We deal in all updated games and APK Mod. We hope you find here things that fit your search. Short Detail Immersing yourself in the story is one of the most rewarding aspects of gaming, no matter where you are. Whether set in a fantasy, Western or modern world, the action-adventure game allows players to embark on an epic journey regardless of the setting. Here you will find some of the best action adventure games of all time. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for fantastic action adventure games. Unfortunately, we can’t list all the best video games here due to space constraints, so if…

  • Positive and negative effects of gaming on student performance
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    Positive and Negative Effects of Gaming on Student Performance

    Welcome to Gamer Be. We deal in all updated games and APK Mod. effects of gaming on young people and society. About the Relevant Content Video games are more popular today than at any time in their history. This pastime transcends national, racial, socioeconomic and gender boundaries. The gaming industry was born in the United States, but is known worldwide. Concern about video game addiction is growing in the United States. According to statistics, 72% of US homes have video games installed. This equates to approximately 150 million players. Of these, 19,000 feel uncomfortable when they can’t play video games regularly. Concerns about video game addiction have increased in recent…