Season 6 Patch Notes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Season 6 Patch Notes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone

Welcome to Gamer Be. We will discuss about the Season 6 Patch Notes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone.

A Little Overview

Season 06 brings the arrival of the hell-cursed anti-hero Spawn, who is tasked with taking out the Dark Ritual Operators terrorizing Al Mazrah and Vondel. Additionally, there are four new multiplayer maps at launch, three new functional weapons, and the return of The Haunting on October 17th, among other features.

The Haunting Returns

Frightening thrills, squad hunts against grotesque monsters, and infamous jump-scares await as The Haunting returns. The event includes Halloween-themed Maps, Modes, Events, and more in both games.

The Haunting: Soul Capture Event

The Haunting: Soul Capture Event

The Soul Capture Event, an enhanced and fear-inducing version of the popular Trophy Hunt Event from Season 03, is available in both Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone. In all game modes, when a player is eliminated, they leave a Soul behind. These Souls are automatically added to your total in all game modes (no need to visit a Buy Station in Call of Duty: Warzone), and you can trade them for items in the Events Tab.

Event Rewards

Event Rewards
  • Weapon Sticker: Gone Batty
  • Calling Card: Skullified
  • Charm: Bit Corny
  • Vehicle Skin: Creature Copter
  • Weapon Blueprint: Alien Death Ray
  • Loading Screen: Join Me
  • Charm: Bad Luck?
  • Weapon Sticker: Carved Up
  • Weapon Blueprint: Violent End
  • XP Tokens
  • Tier Skips
  • And more rewards throughout The Haunting

The Haunting: Daily Login Rewards As The Haunting progresses in Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone, players can expect to receive various free, limited-time cosmetic items simply by logging into the game.

Daily Login Rewards:

Daily Login Rewards:
  • Charm: Happy Pumpkin
  • Emblem: Evil Goat
  • Weapon Sticker: Dead Detective
  • Player Card: War Snake
  • Weapon Sticker: Triplets, Kinda
  • Loading Screen: Hell’s Army
  • Weapon Sticker: Halloween Witch
  • Weapon Blueprint: Nightmare Sweats
  • XP Tokens

Operators Skeleton, Ash, and Inradius are making their way to The Haunting on October 17, October 23, and October 26, respectively.



Some of your Loadout equipment may have become possessed, and operators are advised to take extra care when using the following items:

  • Sound Veil Scream (Field Upgrade): Stepping into the sound wave of the Suppression Mine may result in an hallucinatory audio assault filled with the screams of the dead.
  • Decoy Grenade (Tactical): Reports suggest inhuman and monstrous sounds peppered with gunfire accompany this audio hallucination.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Various issues have been fixed, including those related to weapon previews, operator packs, weapon blueprints, and sound discrepancies.


Weapon balancing updates will be introduced as the Season progresses.


The Season 06 Reloaded update download file size will be larger than normal seasonal updates to prepare COD HQ, the game launcher for Call of Duty’s future content and the launch of Modern Warfare III. PC users will also need additional space on their hard drive for the patch copying process, which is temporary space reclaimed upon completion of the patch installation and is not an additional download.

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