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Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is a skill game where you play as a stickman swinging through hundreds of challenging levels. This fun, colorful stickman game offers over 100 challenging levels.

As you progress through the game, you can unlock a variety of unique characters to add variety to your swinging adventure. Focus on the angle and direction of your swing to get it to the finish line. Can you control your swing?

Madbox has elevated the genre of skill-based platformers with their game, Stickman Hook. In this funny and fun game, a player must help a stickman cross over 100 difficult levels to get past the black and white checked finish line wall.

Become adorable or frightening!

The player starts with an energetic, highly acrobatic, red stickman, but can switch to many other avatars almost instantly. Additional avatars include a green and orange dragon that breathes fire, a jumping hamburger, a dancing cactus, a yellow and white pup, a shuriken-throwing ninja, a bouncing, excited sheep and a robotic spinning top that changes color.

As the player moves through the levels, they can unlock different stickmen characters. These characters include an orange stickman with two green leaves on his head and a gray stickman with red eyes and bandages.

An Egyptian mummy, a pink stickman with white angel wings, a black stickman with devil wings and a blue stickman with a golden crown. The player can finally return to the red stickman dressed as a legendary superhero who wears a blue cape!

Reach new heights!

Once the player chooses their avatar, they face a straightforward side-scroller that starts with a stickman or other avatar that turns into a round ball that rests on a soft, white and black pillow. bounces After starting the action, they must help the avatar bounce onto other pillows, perform stunts and use lines and hooks to swing from posts. Posts appear as half-white and half-blue circles in the front view. The circular tips of the posts display a dot that turns red as the stickman swings.

The player does not have to force the stickman to use every post. Instead, they should only consider the speed of the ball or its swing state and the considerations associated with geometry and physics to determine its speed and correct actions. Even if the player cannot see the stickman while it is bouncing or swinging, they can determine where it will appear next when returning from an off-screen location. If the player fails by allowing the stickman to fall to the bottom of the screen, the level is reset. If they succeed, the stickman breaks through the finish line wall with a blue streak of power and colorful confetti and then dances to the next screen.

How to play:

Have a red stickman or choose a non-stickman avatar. Line up a post and swing the stickman or other avatar onto the next post or bouncy pillow. Repeat the process as necessary to get to the finish line. Unlock and use special stickman avatars.


Keyboard: To draw a line on a post and swing a stickman or other avatar, press down without releasing the spacebar key. To remove a line, release the key.

Mouse: To line up and swing a post, press and hold the left button. To remove the line, release the button.

Mobile: To cast and swing a line, press against the touchscreen or trackpad. To open it, stop touching it.

Release date:

November 2021

Stickman Hook Online

You can play Stickman Hook online, you can play the game directly in your browser. No download necessary.


Q1: What are the tips and tricks?

  • Don’t worry about every hook you see. Not all of them have to cross the finish line.
  • If you can’t see yourself, you’re still swinging. As long as you’ve got a line on a hook, you’ve got a chance!

Q2: How to play Stickman Hook?

  • Space/left mouse click – Hold to swing

Q3: How many levels are in Stickman Hook?

Stickman Hook has 100 levels to play online.

Q4: Who developed the stickman hook?

Stickman Hook is developed by Madbox, a game development company based in France.


Stickman Hook is an attractive and addictive physics-based arcade game that captivates players with its simple yet challenging gameplay. The game goes beyond its ability to entertain players through progressively harder levels and dynamic mechanics. Players must skillfully swing a stickman character from one position to another using grappling hooks, relying on speed and timing to navigate various obstacles. The minimalist design and intuitive controls make it easily accessible, yet the game can be pleasantly challenging to master. Overall, Stickman Hook stands out as a fun, relaxing game that offers hours of fun and a satisfyingly smooth gameplay experience.

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