How to Play PUBG with Different Tools and Features with 6 Tips

How to Play PUBG with Different Tools and Features with 6 tips

Welcome to Gamer Be. Today we serve about the PUBG game tools and features. How to play PUBG with easy method.

PUBG Mobile Detail

PUBG Mobile Detail
DeveloperLevel Infinite
SourceiOS, Android
Rating3.9 + 7M views

Land Near the middle Map and go inside a ig building

This tip will give you more weapons and chance of having more kills. Another point is you will safe from the red zone. Pick some of best weapons and check all area as safe you feel. After this you need to go on top of roof and sit down. pick Sniper and zoom the area and check clearly where the other player. The other benefits of this tip you will alive at last.

A flurry of activity

A flurry of activity

PUBG Mobile, or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most popular war games accessible right now. It’s easy to desire to play game after game because of its surprise and action-packed gaming style. The game pits 100 participants against one another. On top of having to be cautious of other players, the player is stranded on an island that is loaded with guns and other peculiar items for safety. Due to this concept, PUBG Mobile has become a clear user favorite.

Settings for automatic startup

If you want to keep using the touchscreen, you can enable the Auto-Run and Auto-Pickup options. In this method, you won’t have to worry about pressing and holding a second button to spring or tapping the screen frantically; the game will take care of gathering stuff for you until your stamina is depleted or your inventory is filled.

We especially appreciate the Auto-Pickup function because it automatically optimizes your loadout if you locate a better rifle later on in a battle. Auto-Pickup will filter through everything another player left behind and give you only what you actually need, making this very helpful when you take out another player.

Know the limits of your inventory

While we do recommend using Auto-Pickup for your first few matches, we must also proceed with caution because your inventory is really constrained. As players discover backpacks strewn about, more stuff can be carried, but initially there isn’t much room.

Only concentrate on picking up what you can actually carry, and more importantly, be aware of your inventory limit, up until you find a huge backpack to store several guns and medical supplies. When an adversary enters the room, you don’t want to be standing over an item asking why you can’t pick it up; else, you’ll be leaving.

Theming-map is your friend

Battle royale players are always checking the in- game charts for updates on safe zones, near points of interest, etc, but PUBG Mobile takes its minimap one step further. It will tell you what position you are in without demanding to break the action, sure, but it’ll also give you two precious pieces of information you need to pay attention to.

The first is the position of the Safe Zone, also known as Where You Need To Be When Time Stops. However, you are in big trouble, If you are not in the Safe Zone. Second, when an opponent approaches you, theming-map will show a bitsy arrow pointing in the direction the sound of their steps came from. Use this information to help an opponent from getting the jump on you, rather transferring them back to the launch menu.

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